Spotting Gum Disease Early

June 30th, 2014

Gum disease is fairly common among adults in the United States. The disease can cause anything from inflamed gums, to serious damage to the tissue around your teeth. How your gum disease progresses depends on the way you handle the diagnosis. With these tips, you can spot gum disease before it becomes a problem and take steps to improve your condition.


The mouth is full of bacteria that combine with other fluids in the mouth to form a sticky substance called “plaque.” You can actually see plaque build up in the crevices between teeth when you neglect to brush your teeth. If that plaque is not removed, it hardens and forms what is called “tartar” on the teeth. Typical brushing doesn’t remove tartar, so it’s important to get a dental hygienist involved if your mouth progresses to this point. The longer plaque and tartar are left unchecked, the higher the probability of gum disease.

Risk Factors

Most adults are at risk to gum disease, but it’s not terribly difficult to safeguard yourself. Smokers are one of the biggest groups at risk, and continuing to smoke also lowers your chances of successful treatment of gum disease. Maturing girls or women going through hormonal changes are also vulnerable to gum disease. Diabetes patients are at risk of developing all infections, even gum disease. Cancer, AIDS and other debilitating disease can take a toll on the teeth of the patient too. Patients should also be careful when taking medications that slow the production of saliva in the mouth. Some medicines can even cause gums to grow over teeth, which can also cause problems as the patient brushes or eats.


There are a few methods to tell if you’ve contracted gum disease of some sort. The first giveaway is bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away. You might also notice that your gums are unusually red or swollen, or that you have tender gums that bleed easily. If it hurts to chew, that would be another sign that you could have a problem. Loose or sensitive teeth are symptoms of the gums deteriorating, but gums can also recede.

Final Thoughts

These symptoms aren’t difficult for a dentist to spot, so do go in for a check up if you suspect that you have a gum disease. The treatment is usually medication, but the dentist may just give you a teeth cleaning and some revised instructions on daily care. Gum disease isn’t rare, but it is both treatable and preventable with proper care.

By: Dr. Sid Solomon is an experienced cosmetic dentist. With over twenty years performing comprehensive aesthetic reconstruction. Sid Solomon DDS is passionate about his work. Read Dr. Sid Solomon reviews online.

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May 29th, 2014

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Oral Care for Infants

May 29th, 2014

The health of a child’s mouth truly begins during pregnancy, when the teeth are formed. A woman’s diet during this period will help to keep a baby born healthy and happy. It’s also important for pregnant women to maintain good dental health, visiting the dentist to check for gum disease and go for regular cleanings. Here are some other tips to help with the oral health care of an infant’s teeth.


A child’s teeth typically begin to break through the gums at around the age of 6 months. During this period, your child is likely to teeth. You should give them something soft to chew on, which helps the teeth erupt from the gums and lessens some of that discomfort. Your child’s first teeth may take up to three years to grow in, but he is likely to lose them by the time he is eleven. There is a slight overlap, where the child’s permanent teeth can start growing as early as six and finish as late as twenty-one.

First Exams

The doctor should conduct his first exam of a baby’s teeth by the time the child reaches six months of age. It’s likely that the mother’s dental history will be called into question during these initial exams as well. This is done to try and establish a history of illness in the family. The child’s first tooth will typically come in before his or her’s first birthday.

Tooth Care

A child’s mouth is susceptible to bacteria, so the spoon that is shared between parent and child present a health risk for them. Kissing can also bring risks to the child’s health, Parents also inadvertently cause health risks when they put a child to sleep with a bottle. The sugars inside of the milk can cause tooth decay, so remove it as soon as the child is done feeding.

The fluoride that is in your local water supply will often be enough for your child’s oral health, but you should consult your doctor to find acceptable limits. Too much fluoride can be toxic to your child, so it’s important that you monitor these levels carefully.

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of problems that can cause oral health issues in a child. Thumb sucking, for instance, can cause teeth to come in crooked. Exposure to tobacco smoke can stain the teeth and lead to tooth decay.

Sid Solomon reviews from Healthgrades praise the doctor for his trustworthiness and his ability to listen. That experience comes from the 20 years of service that Dr. Sid Solomon has put in over the years. Sid Solomon is a professional who takes the time to listen to his patients and respond to their needs.


December 29th, 2010

Thousands of patients have placed their faith upon Dr. Sid Solomon’s expertise as a dental specialist. After twenty five years of practice, Dr. Sid Solomon’s passion for dentistry has been the driving force of his life and career. With two state-of-the-art offices – Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in West Los Angeles and Calm Dental centrally located in the heart of Downtown, Dr. Sid Solomon translates his passion for excellence into these renowned practices. Patients looking for beautiful porcelain veneers, Invisalign, or full mouth restoration have achieved great results and are able to do what they couldn’t before – smile in confidence.

Dr. Sid Solomon received his Bachelor’s of Science from UCLA magna cum laude where he pursued additional seminar and lecture education. From there, he attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, where he received his Doctorate.  Dr. Sid Solomon is a highly skilled dentist, particularly in the realm of cosmetic, implant, and neuromuscular procedures. His impressive resume includes former associate clinical professor at UCLA School of Dentistry, and professional memberships to prestigious organizations such as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and West Los Angeles Dental Society.

Dr. Sid Solomon has continued his dental education at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.   He has dedicated himself to acquiring skills beyond general dentistry, including full mouth reconstruction, advanced function aesthetics, neuromuscular occlusion, and neuromuscular coronoplasty. The art and knowledge he has acquired from these classes have allowed him to expand his practice to more advanced dentistry.  Dr. Solomon’s continued education affords him the capabilities to bring his patients the confidence and health they deserve.

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