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Veneers VeneersMost people think of the perfect smile as having white, straight, and shining teeth. However, sometimes our natural smiles do not live up to the expectations we have, especially here in Hollywood. When teeth are extremely discolored, crooked, and/or otherwise damaged, porcelain veneers can be a great option for completely re-doing a smile.

Teeth that are a little crooked can be fixed with braces or Invisalign. Teeth that are stained due to external causes (staining from coffee, red wine, or smoking) can be whitened with bleaching systems. Teeth that are chipped can be filled and bonded. However, teeth that have a combination of these problems, or that have been stained due to internal causes (issues with your natural enamel or fluoride intake), may need something more advanced to be corrected. For this, we here at CCIND suggest porcelain veneers.

The least-invasive type of veneers is Lumineers. These veneers “snap” onto the tooth instead of cap the tooth, so there is no pain and no need for anesthetic injections or filling down of the tooth to make room for the veneer cap. Unlike ordinary veneers, which require the preparation of the teeth first before they can be applied, the application of Lumineers requires only two steps.

First, a mold of your teeth will be taken so that the veneers will fit perfectly. They will also be colored match your natural teeth, or you can request them to be whiter and brighter. The second step is just having them applied, which as we mentioned before is quick and painless. Since there is no need to file your teeth down first, there is also no need for the middle visit, where your teeth are prepared. Lumineers save you from discomfort, pain, and an extra trip to the dentist.

The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss Lumineers with you. Please call for a consultation today

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