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Straight teeth are one of the keys to a confident smile; crooked teeth can do a number on one’s self esteem. Furthermore, Los Angeles is a place where appearances matter, confidence is a must, and you never know who may be watching. Looking your best is something we understand here at CCIND. We want you to be healthy and happy with your smile, which is why we offer Invisalign for straightening your teeth.

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Though you probably associated straight teeth with cosmetic and aesthetic purposes only, straight teeth are actually healthier than crooked teeth. Straight teeth means straight, clean divides between the teeth and gums, so there are less small nooks for food and bacteria to become trapped, making it easier to keep teeth clean. With crooked teeth it may even be impossible to brush every surface or to floss between certain teeth. As a result, straight teeth are less prone to decay and gum disease than crooked teeth. Also, as crooked teeth tend to lie on one another, they are more easily able to break during injury. Finally, your teeth are meant to be properly aligned to allow for the most efficient chewing and speech formation. Crooked teeth can lead to misalignment of the entire jaw, which can contribute to TMJ and other neuromuscular issues.

Invisalign was introduced several years ago, and has become an incredibly popular way of straightening teeth, especially for adults who are not willing to wear braces that are typically associated with pre-teens. Invisalign straightens your teeth invisibly through the use of custom molds. Braces work because they are attached to your teeth and then are routinely adjusted to slowly move your teeth into place. Invisalign uses the same idea but in a more advanced and conspicuous way.

First, a mold is taken of your teeth the way they are. Then an “end mold” is designed-the way your teeth should look. Then, several molds are made that represents stages in between the two smiles. You wear the molds in order and upgrade to the next mold every two weeks, slowly pushing your teeth toward the desired smile, until your teeth can fit into the end mold naturally.

Invisalign is popular because the molds are clear and not noticeable, take only about a year to adjust your smile (braces can take up to five), and are comfortable. They do not involved sharp metal, swallow-able bands, annoying wires, or harsh adjustments. Plus, they can be removed for proper tooth care, so you can brush, eat, drink, and floss as usual.

The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss Invisalign with you. Please call for a consultation today.

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