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Full implant restoration RestorationThere are two main branches of dentistry beyond the typical cleanings and exams-restoration and cosmetic. Cosmetic dentistry refers to changing the smile purely for aesthetic purposes. Dental procedures that are meant to fix dental problems that impact health, bite, ability to chew, or ability to speak, are known as restorative procedures, as they restore the natural functions of the mouth.

Teeth can become chipped or they can fall out due to accidents. Bacteria can cause cavities or infections. In any of these scenarios, the ability to chew or speak properly can be impaired.

CCIND offers a wide variety of restorative procedures, such as amalgam fillings, composite fillings, crowns, dentures, root canals, and bridges. We also guarantee all of our patients that we make sure our procedures are the most cost-effect and the least invasive possible for your condition. We will never suggest a procedure for you when we know that there is one that is less expensive or less invasive. We are here to serve you.

Los Angeles is a place of keeping up appearances. As a result, we make sure to cross all our restorative procedures with our knowledge of cosmetic dentistry as well, so that your resulting smile is not only healthy and strong, but beautiful as well.

You can view before-and-after photos of restoration procedures in our photo gallery.

The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss restoration procedures with you. Please call for a consultation today

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