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If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease, the course of treatment selected for you will be determined according to your overall health and the severity and progression of your illness. As always, CCIND guarantees the least-invasive and most cost-effective method of treatment available.

Non-surgical options for mild cases involve thorough deep cleanings of the teeth, gum pockets, and spaces deep between gums and teeth. The terms for this cleaning process involve “scaling” the teeth to remove plaque, and “planning” the roots to remove plaque and bacteria from around the root, deep under the tooth. Treatment may also include a round of antibiotics.

For more severe periodontal disease, surgery is often necessary. Pocket reduction surgery involves a deep-cleaning of the gums and then closing the gaps caused by receding gums. Regenerative surgery involves not only cleaning the gums and closing gaps, but also the help of bone or tissue grafts to help promote re-growth of the gums in serious cases. Crown lengthening can be used to expose more of your natural tooth. This is used when the tooth is infected below the gum line. The area of infection must be exposed in order to heal, not be trapped under the gums where bacteria thrive. Finally, soft tissue grafts involve taking gum tissue (usually from the roof of the mouth or sides of the mouth) and using it to replace receded gums or gums that had to be removed due to infection.

If you think you have gingivitis or periodontal disease, please call for a consultation today. The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss periodontal disease treatment with you.

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