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As with any dental procedure, the best way to avoid invasive procedures and uncomfortable illness is to prevent them in the first place. First, this means proper oral and dental hygiene. We here at Time to Smile cannot stress enough the importance of brushing at least twice a day, daily flossing, and regular, frequent visits to the dentist. Proper dental care does not stop there, though.

As with your overall health, everything you do affects your oral health as well. Smoking can cause lung cancer, but can also cause oral cancer or cancer of the tongue. It can stain the teeth. It can stain dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and fillings. And, it can make it all the more difficult to recover from periodontal disease, and even make you more likely to develop periodontal disease in the first place.

Another great way to increase your immune system and to decrease your chances of developing gum disease is to maintain a well-balanced diet that is rich with nutrients. This not only keeps your immune system strong, but provides your gums with the vitamins they need to be healthy and strong. Foods that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E are especially beneficial to your gums, while calcium is great for strengthening teeth. Vitamin D is essential for breaking down calcium, so you should make sure to get plenty of that as well.

Reducing stress is another way to prevent periodontal disease and maintain a healthy mouth. Stress can negatively impact your body’s ability to fight disease and to keep itself strong, and stress can also lead to the clenching and grinding of your teeth, which can push bacteria deep into your teeth’s grooves or into your gums. So make sure to get a lot of exercise and to take time to relax. No one enjoys stress, and it is no friend to your body or your health.

Finally, if you have a family history of periodontal disease, make sure to make an extra effort to keep your mouth healthy and to keep an eye out for early signs of gingivitis or gum problems, as the disease can run in families.

The staff here at Time to Smile will be happy to discuss periodontal disease maintenance and prevention with you. Please call for a consultation today.

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