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Proper home care is the key ingredient to ensure a happy and healthy smile that will last a lifetime.  This entails many responsibilities that you should abide by to keep your teeth strong and your mouth free from disease.


Brushing your teeth should occur after every meal, though we know that you can’t always get to a toothbrush or sink. The next best situation is to brush in the morning and before bed. Most people are happy to brush in the morning in order to clean their teeth for the day and to keep their breath smelling fresh, but brushing before bed is just as important, if not more so. During the night your mouth is usually closed and definitely inactive. This means that your saliva and any food left in your mouth sits there for several hours, which is the number one way to instigate a cavity. Make sure to use enough toothpaste (pea-sized amount for children, dime-sized for adults) and to brush for a full two minutes. A good rule of thumb is to allow for ten strokes on each side of a tooth. That includes the tops, each side, and the backs for your last molars. Talk to your dentist about what type of toothbrush is right for you. Some people need stiffer toothbrush bristles while for some stiff bristles may damage the enamel on the teeth.


Many people think that flossing is an unnecessary addition to dental hygiene, but flossing is actually a great way to remove plaque from in between your teeth and to polish the edges around your gums. Also, flossing helps to strengthen your teeth. If you are new to flossing you may experience some bleeding the first few times you do it. This should dissipate after about a week of regular flossing. If it doesn’t go away within a week, you should see a dentist. You may be showing signs of gingivitis.


If you want to give your mouth extra cleaning and protection, mouthwash is a great option. Some types of mouthwash are designed to strengthen the calcium of your teeth to help prevent cavities from the inside out, and some types are designed to kill bacteria to prevent cavities from outside in. Talk to your dentist to see if you could benefit from adding mouthwash to your daily dental care routine.

The more you brush, floss, or use mouthwash, the more you can help your mouth to stay clean. Engaging in proper home oral care can help increase your overall health and will reduce your future need for more invasive procedures.

The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss proper home care with you. Please call for a consultation today.

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