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Though CCIND specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic dental procedures, many of our patients are surprised to learn that we actually also offer regular cleaning and exams. The best way to keep your mouth healthy is to prevent deterioration or inflammation from occurring in the first place. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, regular trips to the dentist are a must.

A regular cleaning at CCIND involves so much more than just cleaning the teeth. Our dentists also check for tumors, gum disease, inflammation, oral cancer, abnormal development, cavities, and any other periodontal or dental problems that may present themselves. We are committed to keep your teeth clean and healthy, and to catching any potential problem as early as possible. Cavities that are left untreated can lead to root canals or dead teeth, and periodontal disease that advances too far can interfere with diabetes, pre-existing heart conditions, and pregnancy.

DC 250 B66 300x234 Cleanings & PreventionWhen it comes to keeping your mouth healthy, we here at CCIND know prevention is the key to success. You should brush your teeth twice a day (if not after every meal), and floss daily. You should visit your dentist at least twice a year, if not three or four times, and you should visit a dentist at any sign of pain, inflammation, or changes in your smile, mouth, teeth, or bite. Though many people shy away from regular dentist, it is much more comfortable and easy to see a dentist for regular cleanings than to have to see a dentist or oral surgeon for root canals or periodontal surgery, or other invasive surgeries.

The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss cleanings and prevention with you. Please call for a consultation today.

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