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NazSeries2 Teeth WhiteningAt CCIND we specialize in making sure your smile is both healthy and beautiful, and we all know that the key to a beautiful smile is white, shining teeth. White teeth do not just suggest status, but also good health and hygiene. Here in Los Angeles, the standards for white teeth have been raised due to the fact that most celebrities have their teeth professionally whitened. Naturally, our teeth have a certain amount of yellow in them, and then they can become stained additionally from the things we eat and drink. To achieve Hollywood-style white teeth, CCIND offers professional whitening treatments.

CCIND offers both in-office and take-home bleaching systems, which are both effective separately, or which can be combined for optimum results. The in-office bleaching system is a very deep cleaning process that takes between one-and-a-half to two hours. First, the teeth are anesthetized to limit sensitivity to the cleaning procedure, and to relax you. Then our CCIND staff will decide how much to bleach your teeth. You may want them to be as white as possible, but bleaching teeth also increases their sensitivity to food and beverage temperature, so it is important to select just the right amount of whitening. Our dentists are available to answer all of your questions and concerns, as well as to discuss your hopes and expectations of any procedure both before and after the bleaching process.

For patients who wish to maintain their whitening process and do not mind taking a little time out of their own schedules every day, we can provide at-home bleaching kits so that you can continue to improve your smile over time. At-home treatments include having a mold of your teeth made. These molds are then duplicated in the office and filled with whitening materials. You can take the molded trays home and use them at regular intervals to take your bleaching to the next, but subtle, level. This is the best way to both maintain and touch-up your newly whitened smile.

teeth whitening Teeth Whitening

For people who do not have severely stained teeth, one trip to our dental office for an in-office may be enough to whiten teeth. However for those with teeth that are very stained, or who are worried about re-staining their teeth due to regular coffee-drinking or smoking, the take-home bleaching kits can add that extra little boost.

The staff here at CCIND will be happy to discuss the take-home bleaching system with you. Please call for a consultation today

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