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Though most people associate dentistry only with the teeth, your gums are just as important. Unfortunately, gums can become sick or injured, just as any other part of our bodies. Both gum disease and naturally gummy smiles may lead to the need for gum grafts.

An aesthetically pleasing smile usually means that most of your teeth show, with little to no gum exposed. Gummy smiles are often a source of embarrassment for many people, but can be fixed with gum grafts. For a gummy smile, part of the gum is grafter away from the edges of your teeth, exposing more teeth and less gum.

Sometimes, the opposite approach is needed. If part of your gums becomes infected for any reason, the infection portion may need to be surgically removed. This can lead to an uneven gum line, which is not exactly the most desired look. Soft tissue gum grafts take tissue from elsewhere in your mouth, such as the sides or the roof, and uses it to replace the originally infected gum. This can be used to reduce the appearance of receding gums or to cover exposed tooth roots as well.

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